This is where it all started for us. In the late 80’s we began as a local moving company. After a decade of doing and perfecting the local move we branched out into other areas as well. Are foundation is still the Local Move though and it shows in our work.



We are a nationwide carrier with roots in Chicago. As such, we will never stop moving people in and around this city as well as the country. 

Local moves are not as difficult as long distance moves, logistically speaking, but the preparation of the furniture & packing of the boxes, should you choose for us to do so, is exactly the same. With our fleet of 26 and 28 ft box trucks we can do any move within 100 miles of the Chicago metro area.

I just moved from Logan Square to Hyde Park. I had heard about this company from a friend of mine, she told me about what a great experience she had and recommended I call them. Well turns out she was right. This company, from the beginning to the end was completely professional, totally honest and also had great pricing. A+ rating from me for sure.

Mayra Holande

Just moved a little more than a mile away from my old house to this new one. Wasn’t a huge distance but they we’re in my house all day. Between unpacking and the set up of all my furniture all I know was that by the time they were gone it was like I was completely moved in to my new place and felt like there wasnt really much for me to do at all. From end to end completely professional.

Nick Tartaglia

An international firm of architects, planners and interior designers specialising in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects.

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